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Plastic Clips & Fasteners

Davro Assembly Products are authorised distributors for ITW Fastex, a worldwide leader in fastening products.

This product range consists of the following:-

  • Plasti Rivets
  • Ratchet Rivets - fixed and removeable
  • Scrivets
  • Push Rivets
  • Hole Plugs
  • Grommets
  • Closed End Grommets
  • Special Grommets
  • Bushes
  • Nylatch
  • Canoe Clips
  • Double Ended Christmas Tree Clips
  • Christmas Tree Clips
  • Clear Acrylic Hinges
  • Flyscreen Plunger Pins
  • Tonneau Fittings
  • PCB mounts, Drop Wire Insulator Clamps and Cable Clips

These and many more plastic products can be viewed on or download their brochure

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